$US2000.00 FireDaemon Pro OEM

Key Features

FireDaemon Pro OEM has all the features as FireDaemon Pro. Pro OEM allows you to embed or integrate FireDaemon Pro OEM in your software product or platform for a single license fee.

  • Product supplied as a ZIP file containing x86 and x64 versions plus necessary support files and Visual Studio runtime
  • Can be easily included in your own custom EXE or MSI installer (eg. InstallShield, WIX etc.), virtual machine template or golden image
  • Includes GUI and command line components
  • Extensive re-skinning/re-branding options
  • Royalty free redistribution
  • No activation or serial number required.


  • FireDaemon Pro OEM is priced at $US2000 which includes 12 months Software Assurance and Technical Support subscriptions
  • Next 12 months of Software Assurance and Technical Support costs $US500
  • Software Assurance and Priority Support subscriptions can be cancelled any time
  • A current Software Assurance and Technical Support subscription is required to obtain product updates.

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